How blockchain and UX design are connected


You might have heard one of the following statements:

“Blockchain and cryptocurrency are scams.”

“Blockchain is too complicated; I won’t bother to invest my time.”

“Nobody can predict cryptocurrency and blockchain; it is a scam.”

“Blockchain is going to end in the foreseeable future.”

All the above statements are joint, and we usually hear these from people. But did you ever think why? Why do people make these statements?

The simple answer is because of the User Experience. Obviously, they might have had a bad experience, so they make such statements, or they usually pass on what they understand from others’ experiences.

Thus, User Experience is the most crucial factor for the success of blockchain, and that is why an excellent UX design is vital.

Undoubtedly, blockchain is connected to UX design. Users would love to engage with the technology and invest in it if the design is outstanding. Nobody will dare to value blockchain if it fails to provide a good user experience.

Let’s see how blockchain and UX design are connected.

UX Design Builds Trust

The main issue with blockchain is trust. People out there do not trust blockchain and consider it a big scam. The main reason behind this is the introduction of new cryptocurrencies, and people think blockchain is all about cryptocurrency.

In reality, blockchain is way more than cryptocurrencies. Simply put, cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology.

A blockchain is simply a distributed database shared with the whole network. The data stored in the blockchain is decentralized, and all users have control over it. It is a safe and transparent way of dealing with data.

UX design has the power to build trust. If the UX design is improved and implemented in the right way, blockchain will be trusted by the people.

The better people’s experience with the blockchain, the more trust the blockchain will gain.

UX Design can Make Blockchain a Mainstream Technology.

People would agree that blockchain has a massive potential to change the traditional ways of banking, transactions, asset building, contracts, and many other things that require a database.

Blockchain is decentralized, transparent, and secure. There are tons of benefits, but it is still not a mainstream technology. Do you know why?

Blockchain is not accessible to everyone because it is a bit complicated. Moreover, from the beginning, it has been controlled by experienced developers and engineers, and ordinary people cannot contribute to it. It is all because of the poor UX design that keeps normal people away from technology.

The UX design should be made better to make blockchain a mainstream technology.

You might be thinking about how UX design can make blockchain technology mainstream. Let’s understand it with an example.

A few decades ago, making a website was pretty tricky. Only people who know coding and the nitty-gritty could develop a website. But now, creating a website is at your fingertips. Many website builders and CMS have improved the UX design and made website development possible for ordinary people.

Similarly, UX design can make blockchain accessible to ordinary people.

UX Design can Make Blockchain Easier

Blockchain is quite tricky, which is why people like to stay away from it. A person would not want to learn more about the technology; instead, he will be more interested in using it as a service.

UX design can make blockchain easier, like CMS and website builds have made website development easier for everyone. Thus, UX design plays a vital role in eliminating the complexity associated with blockchain.

Final Words

Blockchain and UX design are connected. Without a good UX design, it is pretty difficult for the blockchain to be a mainstream and trustworthy technology for the users. UX design can play a vital role in making blockchain accessible to users and easier for ordinary people.

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