Hi, I’m Giray.

UX/Product Manager with 10+ years of experience.

I help tech companies grow by improving their Product Experience Fintech/Blockchain/Edtech

The Work

I’ve been got lucky to work for some of the biggest organizations on projects of all different shapes and sizes. I always approach each one with an open mind and a custom-tailored approach.

Here’s what I can help you with

I’ll help you to figure out what to build (and why).

It’s easy to skip this very important step of any product. They may even try winging it because they’re so eager to get started. I work with stakeholders to find a unified idea of what we’re building, for whom, and why.

And design how it looks and how it works.

Designers just focus on looks, but if your product doesn’t work the way your users expect it to, it’s not going to be a success. My background in both design and business puts me in an ideal position to help you take your digital products from so-so to GREAT.

I’ll bring together world-class teams to build and launch your product.

I have several years of experience leading teams

Consulting and Mentoring

I like to share what I have discovered about creating amazing user experiences, embracing creativity, and sustaining a successful freelancing career.

Schedule a One-on-One

Giving back to the community that has served me so well during these last two decades is important to me. I know what it’s like being a designer without a clear path and I know how lonely being a one-man company can be. I work with designers and freelancers helping them find a path and set goals.


I think it’s important for designers to be able to write well. Clearly communicating your thought process is one of the best ways of connecting with your team and, ultimately, your users. Plus, I love sharing my thoughts with a wider community!